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Lake Martin Storm Aftermath Information
Posted: 4/30/2011

Community Q&A: Lake Martin Forum Lost and Found

All counties around Lake Martin (Elmore, Coosa and Tallapoosa) have been designated eligible for FEMA Disaster Assistance. Fore more information or to apply for assistance visit the web site.

A Message from Marine Police Captain Matt Brooks
Lake Martin, the DCNR ramps and other public ramps will be reopened for regular traffic on Saturday morning, April 30th. Immediately after the tornado and for the majority of the first day we attempted to keep all boating traffic out of the damaged areas, unless the boater had a valid reason to be there. We did not require anyone to leave the lake even though it was technically closed to traffic because of the need for us to remain in the affected areas as much as possible.

We ask that people refrain from sightseeing and touring the damaged areas. The property owners are concerned about looters and the waters around many of the affected areas are filled with debris of all sorts. The power company will be restringing power lines across sloughs and work on removal of some of the sunken boats will begin. Oddly enough, most people seem to disregard their own safety for the sake of taking a few pictures. We understand everyone is curious but for now we would really appreciate if boaters kept their distance.

We also caution anyone about operating on Lake Martin from Pleasure Point south across the bay to the Kowaliga Bridge due to floating debris. On Thursday the wind kept much of the debris penned up in the sloughs but today pockets of it released and floated toward the dam. There is still a lot of debris that will eventually find its way into the main channels. Under no circumstances would I advise anyone to boat on the lake after dark.

A Message from Representative Barry Mask
State Rep. Barry Mask is requesting that ANYONE that can provide housing please step up! We have homeless local folks that have lost everything including loved ones.

Please, If you have a rental house, condo or an unoccupied house for sale that you can provide for three weeks or so to help folks that have nothing, please contact State Rep. Barry Mask at: ASAP! We don't want to wait on FEMA. Let's take care of our own now! Please broadcast this message out to EVERYONE! God Bless You and Our State! Let's remember the Golden Rule.

Thursday morning pilot Charles Moon surveyed Lake Martin from the air and created a Google Earth KML file of the path of destruction.

Download: Google Earth KML File

Download: Google Earth Application

A gallery has been created for photos. Members can contribute photos they wish to share.

Gallery: Lake Martin Tornado - April 27, 2011

Lake Martin Tornado - April 27, 2011

Member Comments…

4/28/2011 3:33:34 PM
*For those concerned about damage - Ulysses E. McGill
Look at the link Webmaster posted (see below).  I have talked to dozens of people all around the lake and this path is very accurate. If you are not in this path, you probably didn't have damage. I'm very close to the path (less that 1/2 mile) and didn't have any damage and this is also the case for those I've talked to. If you are in this path, it's likely you have significant damage. Good luck and prayers to all.

PS...this path should be extended out (west) to Central for damage caused before the tornado reached the lake.
5/3/2011 4:00:32 PM
*Comment on "Lake Martin Storm Aftermath… - USCGAU89

USCG Aux 8-12 has members avail. to assist cleanup efforts from now til the end of the month. Please email VFC Michael Freeman @ with requests so that we can reach out to help those in need.

Gods Speed!
8th District 12th Flotilla
Auburn, Alabama

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